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Dr. Dan Jardin


My wife and I have been going to Jardin Chiropractic for a little over a month, and the results have been GREAT!! We have been going to chiropractic treatment all over the country for years, and Dr. Jardin ranks up there with the best treatments we have ever had. Aside from the great care we have received, the staff at Dr. Jardin's office are very friendly and helpful. We highly recommend Jardin Family Chiropractic to anyone that is experiencing back and neck discomfort.

Richard F. (Oakley, CA)


My husband and I have been going to see Dr. J for a couple of years....we have never felt better! We have recommended him to some of our friends as well.....His staff is awesome and we would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great Chiropractor.Best of the best!

 - Cynde B. (Brentwood, CA)


After years of suffering from headaches, taking pills and just feeling "alittle" better. I was referred to Dr Jardin by a co-worker. Being somewhat cautious....(I have been to Chiropractic offices in the past). But I knew after the first few visits I would be on the road to being headache free! That was about 4 years ago...And feeling better everyday! The office staff is very friendly and very helpful.

-  Debby M. (Antioch, CA)


My wife has ben going to Dr Jardine for about 2 years now and it has made huge difference in her back pain. i have been going for over a year now and am very pleased with the service and expertise. You won't find a better chiropractor in my opinion.The staff is always friendly and caring.

 - Mike R. (Brentwood, CA)


I travel all the way from Oakland once a week to get adjusted by Dr. Jardin. He is the most understanding and helpful chiropractor I have found after my previous chiropractor moved out of state 3 years ago. I started seeing Dr. Jardin april 2011. I did not think I could find a chiropractor equivalent to Dr. Kun until I was adjusted by Dr. Jardin. He is actually better, which I did not think possible and he was more effective at treating my sacroiliac inflammation and my lower back has abruptly improved and is noticeably less sensitive and tender. The thoracic part of my spine has greatly improved and it has caused an overall improvement in my whole body. He knows his stuff and truly cares about each and every patient. The staff were warm and welcoming as if you were an old friend. The staff know what they are doing and are super accommodating and respectful. I'm 22 and I'm used to not being taken seriously because of my age, but they respect everyone, regardless! It is worth the hour drive for this quality of chiropractic treatment. Jardin family chiropractic is comparable to none.

Julissa C. (Oakland, CA)


I began treatments in Feb. 2012 when my lower back still felt weak after a car collision months before. I am just finishing my series of visits and my back is much stronger and looser. Dr. Jardin and his staff are friendly and helpful and it is a pleasure to go there.

Chris L. (Oakley, CA)


I originally injured my back in a car accident in 1979. For the next 24 years I suffered from off and on again back pain.  In 2003 I needed surgery to repair the rotator cuff in my shoulder.  At the time I was also in a great deal of pain because of my back. My orthopedic surgeon looked at the xray of my back and recommended I see a chiropractor.  A friend recommended Dr. J and I made an appointment. I was impressed. Within a couple of weeks most of the pain was gone and I had full range of motion again.  Jardin Family Chiropractic is a great place to go. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. J and  Jardin Family Chiropratic for any back/neck pain.

-Dan P.  (Brentwood, CA)


My quality of life has improved tremendously. I cam to Dr. Jardin with severe back & neck pain as well as head aches. He has been very successful at releaving all three. Due to heart surgery I had a few years ago I have always needed chiropractic relief. I don't know of a better chiropractor and he is the 5th or 6th Doctor I have seen scence my surgery 

" Dr. Jardin Cracks Magic "  Miracles do happen !!

Vicki R.


I have been going to Dr.Jardin since Nov. 2012. I have sever pain in both shoulders and in my neck.I had this pain for a very long time. getting very little sleep and constantly hurting. Dr. Jardin diagnosed me, walked me through the steps and now with consistent treatment.I have never felt better! I can now sleep pain -free. i am highly amazed how much better i feel everyday and wake up every morning in a very relaxed, painless frame of mind! I can say enough how Dr. Jardin has improved my frame of mind and lifestyle. has staff is the greatest, very caring to each and every patient. i give Dr. Jardin , his staff and their knowledge & caring a big 2 thumbs up! Other chiropractors have NEVER been able to help me as much as Dr. Jardin has, I am very thankful for this 

June R. 


Dr. Jardin is a great chiropractor. He is very knowledgable. I am an RN and very skeptical of all practioners until I get a sense of their education and skills. Dr. Jardin will not disappoint. The ladies in the office are wonderful. Spanish speaking as well. I have been going to Dr. Jardin since 2003.

-  Jeannette K. (Discovery Bay, CA)


 Never been to a chiropractor before, but Dr. Jardin and his staff go out of there way to do a full evaluation (including X-Rays), explain everything, and make you feel comfortable. After only 2 weeks of adjustments, my back is definitely starting to loosen up and feel a lot better.

Ryan B. (Oakland, CA)


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